Day 21In a world that will be increasingly connected, graduates in the future will need to understand how to use and identify opportunities through these new technologies. The Future MBA will have a Technology Centre, working in collaboration with many of the leading edge technological firms of the time.  It will be open to students from a range of other, non business disciplines to facilitate collaboration on projects.

This space will go beyond providing computers with the latest software. 3D printers will give students the opportunity to create prototypes and test them. Students will have access to virtual worlds that they can create or join to test out new business models, products, campaigns or solutions in real time based on up to date global statistical information. Students will be able to tap into a network of alumni, business partners and other students around the world instantly to give or provide feedback, collaborate, learn and share. Intelligent computer programmes will give students one on one tutoring and testing around anything from financial concepts to interview preparation or learning a new language. Students will become teachers by giving lessons in real time over the web to other students around the world. The possibilities will be endless.