It is amazing how many things you can do at once in a classroom. You can follow a lecture, write notes, check the internet for information relating to the class…or relating to where you are going to go out for dinner tonight. You can chat with your friends in the classroom or on the other side of the planet, start doing homework for another class, play games…you can do a lot of things that have nothing to do with the class at all. As we are increasingly addicted to being connected 24/7, will future students need to learn how to just turn off and listen?

In the future the students will be asked to leave their cell phones, computers and all other devices at the door for courses where it is not necessary. Without the distraction of computers, and everyone else on their computers, student will become more present, contribute more, reflect more.

The computer and more specifically the internet is an incredible tool, but also an incredibly distracting one. We need a generation of leaders who are better listeners and observers, who are focused and participate fully, and their MBA experience will be richer because of it.