Day 17We live in a world of information that is available when we want it, where we want it and in whatever shape or form we want it. The MBA is a degree that trains students to become the leaders of today and tomorrow…but by teaching them using the textbooks of yesterday. At the same time the Internet is so full of information there is an increasing need to filter it in a way that is useable for the classroom.

The textbook for the Future MBA will provide the base information about a particular topic and then give links to expand that learning. These links could include different perspectives on a particular issue allowing students to develop a well rounded view of the topic. It would also include a range of examples of current applications to see how this information is used in practice. Once a student gets through the ‘required’ portion of the reading there would be several opportunities to continue their learning by following a series of pre-filtered links that may bring them in a different direction of their choosing, so that they do not just learn the lesson but become immersed in it and find an aspect of that learning that means something to them. A student that chooses to continue further may be linked to possible internships, project opportunities, conferences or even alumni working in that specific topic.  Students themselves can rate links, suggest new links and comment throughout. In this way the textbook becomes a live document, something more real, more useful and more personal.