Sustainability is an interdisplinary topic and as such managers need to have a wider understanding of the systems that affect us and that we affect, whether that be business, social or environmental.

The Future MBA could be a fully interdisplinary programme which not only exposes students to a range of different business and non business topics, but teaches them how to move between them and how to connect them.

This new programme would have students taking the majority of their classes from across a whole University, from social sciences to engineering, fashion and design or natural sciences to provide a wide range of different perspectives. In this programme, a student interested in working in business in the medical industry could take classes offered in the medical school and have the opportunity to shadow medical students in a hospital to get a better understanding of the industry and those working in that industry.

Students would also be tasked with assignments that would help to connect the different silos, explore opportunities to collaborate across them and explore interdisciplinary sustainability solutions.