Day 8 RiskFor most of us, there isn’t a lot of space for risk taking in our professional lives. Risk is seen as something bad, something to identify and mitigate against, something to avoid.

But great things often come from taking risks; new ideas, new opportunities, new learnings and insights.  Both individuals and a businesses can benefit from not only creating an environment where individuals can make mistakes and learn from them, but also one that encourages and develops that process. Businesses increasingly need graduates who aren’t afraid of questioning assumptions or testing new ideas, graduates that can help create a culture and environment in businesses that supports this in a constructive way.

The Future MBA will have a class called Risk Taking. This course will be all about smart risk taking in both the student’s person and professional lives. It will look at what is risk and why it is good/bad, how we can benefit from smart risk taking, how to learn from and move forward after ‘failures’ or mistakes, how to create an environment that encourages smart risk taking. The course will also look at how other organizations, businesses and individuals approach risk in the workplace and the benefits/disadvantages to different approaches.

The class will include a range of practical activities that would enable students to explore taking risks in a relatively safe classroom environment, in their personal lives and on a special project with a local organization.