For most potential students, the MBA is a degree that takes a couple of years to plan. Potential students often spend years thinking about the decision, doing their research and then applying. With so many schools available to them how can a student find the school that is perfect for them?

In the Future MBA, potential students will have access to an online platform similar to LinkedIn. Here individuals who are in any stage of their application process, from just thinking about doing an MBA to waiting for their acceptance letters can register. They can post their CV and other relevant information which can be updated regularly. On this platform students can also post a range of general essays applicable to any MBA application as well as a series of password protected essays for specific schools.

The platform would also have a section where potential students can advertise their status; “interested in MBAs”, “looking at different programmes”, “writing the GMAT”, “in the process of applying”, “waiting for offers or making final decision”.

With this system not only would the schools that the students are applying to get up to date information relating to their CV, but this data would also be available to other schools from around the world. If they, through various search functions, find an applicant that fits their schools profile perfectly, they can send through an invitation to apply, or even a firm offer to that students even if they haven’t applied. In this way students can get offers, perhaps scholarships from schools that may have the programme or opportunities they were looking for but they didn’t know existed. This system also provides schools opportunities to contact students who are starting the process to introduce their offerings.

Furthermore this platform would allow the students themselves at different stages to interact with each other throughout the application process.