Day 4. Checking your progressThe main reason for pursuing the Future MBA will be for education and personal development, and as such students will want to have a better understanding of where they stand when they start the programme and how they progress throughout it.

Students will have access to a tool, updated in real time,  that gives them insight as to where they are doing well and where they need to develop more. At the beginning of the programme the tool is populated with information related to the careers they are interested in, their strengths and weaknesses, the opinions of their referees and past bosses. During the year professors and fellow students will provide inputs. Students would use the tool to review their progress regularly, to help them choose which electives to take or activities to get engaged in to help strengthen some of the areas they are weak in or might need for their desired post graduation job. The tool would also connect students with other students, faculty and even alumni with similar strengths or weaknesses to collaborate with and learn from.