Day 3 MBA Pop upMBA programmes often operate within a bubble located within a community but not often interacting or engaging with that community. How can business schools encourage that interaction in meaningful and innovative ways?

Communities are filled with empty retail spaces. The pop up retail movement invites individuals and brands, both well known and yet to be discovered, to use these spaces for short periods of time to test out new ideas, sell their products and share their message. They also inject energy into a community.

The Future MBA will have its own pop up business space, either in a building managed by the school or in a range of spaces in the community that the school would have access to. These spaces would be open to MBA related pop ups, and would be used for anywere from an hour to several days by faculty, staff, students and alumni to test out new ideas, give a short course, sell new products or share insights on topics of interest. Most importantly it will give students and staff an opportunity to interact with their local community in a tangible way.