Day 2. The Lifelong MBAThe MBA is a moment in time. After graduation, alumni go through various subsequent phases in their career, phases where they could once again use the lessons and support that an MBA provides.

The Future MBA will be a 3-4 year programme spread out over a lifetime. It begins sometime in your twenties, most often after you have some work experience. Students would spend the first 1 or 2 years on campus completing a range of core courses and electives similar to the current MBA.

The remaining years would then be used throughout the student’s lifetime. There’d be a special 6 month course available for students who are considering or have just retired to assist them in planning out their next steps. Another course would be available to parents who are thinking of going back to work either part or full time after or while raising children. Another section would be open to alumni who are thinking of starting a business or who are working independently as sole proprietors or independent consultants. Then of course there’d be a range of courses of interest to individuals at different points of their career; managers, CEOs, board members, as well as on specific topics of interest and relevance to the business world today.  Not only would this provide a more structured life long learning experience but also the opportunity to connect and learn from individuals of all ages and at different stages of their life and career on campus and in the classroom.